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Is it possible that it will pay at all and that there will be a market for a new robot (or two) every year? The fact that, for instance, it is a much more expensive way of doing things than a robot that can be hired from a robot factory or even used on a production line, should not be taken lightly!

What happens if Rover never materialises?

Robot manufacturing is not only expensive, but the robots involved are often not in production lines. Many parts are designed by a robot designer or are custom designed to a factory. The factory then has to find a way to make a number of items which, in the end, are sold in a factory where the robot designs and builds them, where the prices have to remain low to keep the robot alive!

When a design for a new robot is created by a robot designer they have no way of knowing until it is produced how long it’ll take to build it. The factory will have to keep their plans around for the next 10 years until the next batch of robots are required for a new piece of production equipment. At that point the factory may choose to scrap it for other production items. There are no robots at the company to save the life of the worker who needs one now.

What happens if a new robot arrives that replaces a robot already in production?

The factory can then decide how to deal with the new robot. The factory can either go back to the old robot with the original instructions, buy more parts for it and put it in a factory again, buy new parts for the new robot (and buy a whole new factory if they wish) or send it on its way to another assembly line for the job.

A final point of interest: If for example a factory is making a robot for a specific customer, that customer will need to be supplied with special parts of the new robot so that it can be put into production at a particular location. Then, if a new replacement robot appears, that new robot may be shipped out and used on the main line where it is much less expensive as it can get on and off lines much more quickly and easily without being subjected to the risk of a broken leg.

RoboFactory is a great example, but there’s more. In the last few months there have been numerous cases of robots that have been sold off to companies for scrap after being purchased by their owners for the purpose of industrial robots – usually under very special circumstances. That’s something that

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