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Rover’s revenue is mainly generated from contracts with its partners in Australia and New Zealand. But it’s also made money from other areas of its business, such as automotive sales in Thailand and Indonesia, and from its global fleet of more than 50,000 vehicles. Its profits rose to $8.3 million in 2009 from $6.3 million the year before.

In addition to those revenue sources, Rover can also claim a strong profit margin of 18% as this is what it had at the end of 2007, when it was still the biggest private car firm in the world.

Rover is also a shareholder of Jaguar Land Rover Limited – which owns part of its US assets. That allows the company to receive royalties of the Jaguar XK and Focus brands.

For all this revenue, the company’s books are considered sound. Rover earned £2.5 million in taxes in 2008 and another £1.4 million in 2009. The rest was earned from cash or cash equivalents of £12.5 million. The company also has a loss-making arm, Jaguar Land Rover, which made profits of £788 million in 2008, although it has only £3.9 million cash on hand.

If you look at the profits before interest, tax and depreciation, Rover appears to have very high profitability. The company’s total income before interest, tax and depreciation (ITDP) was £1.6 billion in 2009.

While cash held at the end of 2008 was £17.7 million, the company had the cash equivalent to £19.6 million on hand at the end of September 30. This equates to just shy of £6 million a month. As Jaguar Land Rover holds shares in Rover, this leaves it in a privileged position when the company is looking to invest cash into its operations – especially since an investment in Rover by Jaguar Land Rover would create even greater cash reserves at Jaguar Land Rover and enable them, in turn, to invest more heavily in its existing assets.
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But why should you care?

Rover’s success could not come at a better time.

After growing in size in Australia and New Zealand, the country has a high proportion of private-hire vehicles in use, and a huge demand for vehicles for the rich and poor, and for use by people who want to live off-road.

Since its 2008 inception, Rover has made great strides to diversify its revenue, selling the Jaguar XK and Focus to consumers in

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