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Try doing it the right way. If your dog has a short coat with a lot of fat, you’ll want the dry mix. If your dog has no fat at all, and only a short coat with a moderate amount of fat, you can try an “all natural” blend made with pure alfalfa fiber.

How do I change my dog’s coat so he can be groomed without damaging his coat?

In order to change a dog’s coat, you must do one of two things — first, you need to have hair cut off and the new coat plumped. Because you can’t “change” a dog’s coat by applying the dry mix, you will need to take the dog to an owner in your local area who is an experienced groomer in both dry and liquid dog breeds, and he will take a cut that is good enough for you. You also must take the dog to a veterinarian and get your prescription. Some veterinarians offer a prescription-only program for their clients.

What is the difference between a dry and liquid coat?

A dry coat is the opposite with “skin cells” — the cells that act like fibers. You would think if a dog’s coat has no skin cells, the fabric would be like a dry coat, but in fact, a dog’s coat has more skin cell fibers than any other type of fabric. A hairless dog has no skin cells and is very soft, unlike a skin-dotted coat. However, the “skin cells” in hairless dogs are very tiny and can easily be scratched off. When I say liquid coats, I mean that the water and protein are not as soluble and therefore don’t stay in the skin to be used as a hair. This is why dog owners who want a “dry coat” for their dogs have to put the dog into a tub of liquid (see above) before they shampoo the coat.
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Will a dry dog get fluffs of fur or grow long “nests”?

Unlike hairless dogs, dry dogs will have a short coat. Because they have low water content, they also have no “skin cells”. Because of the dry fabric, there is no real fur to make fluff off. There is a thin layer of tissue in the outer part of their coat that has long hair that stays on for at least 2 to 3 months. Dogs who get a dry coat may also have very long “nests”, where the hairs can be as long as your

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