How can I exercise my two dogs? – Pet Portrait Business Names

If you don’t have access to a yard, our dogs can exercise outdoors so long as we supervise and keep them on a leash at all times, as per our dog park rules.

Does my dog need a leash?

Your dog needs a leash for all-day walking and for any activity that brings her into public or private housing. We ask that you leash your dog to the maximum extent reasonable.

Can I place my dog in a kennel?

Yes, you may do this as long as your dog doesn’t get separated from you – for example for cleaning, bathing, or changing her litter box.

Can I keep my dog on a leash to a shopping centre?

Yes , but we do not recommend this. If your dog gets lost or separated from you you may then have to leave your dog at a shopping centre.

Can my dog walk in a car park?

Yes , the dogs have been trained not to leave your vehicle unattended while they are in the same area so long as your car parks in a non-restricted area. If you’re travelling to home we recommend that you keep your dog on a leash or harness for the duration of your commute. If leaving your dog outside to go to the vet, we recommend that you keep the car in a parking space (i.e. garage) with no other people or pets.

Can my dog be a bouncer at a club?

Yes , dogs are welcome on our dog park in the evening as long as they are handled appropriately.

Should I provide shelter for my dogs?

No , there are some buildings that require access to the grounds for security reasons so while onsite, dogs may be kept off the property as long as you supervise them and keep them on a leash.

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