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It takes a certain amount of skill, knowledge and love to build your own. Check out more guides if you’d like more information.

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Tottenham have opened talks about signing Manchester United goalkeeper David de Gea as Louis van Gaal looks to rebuild his backline.

Despite an impasse at Old Trafford after Jose Mourinho left United and Van Gaal was appointed United’s manager earlier this week, the manager is believed to still be interested in signing De Gea, with United willing to pay around £18million.

United are currently 11th in the Premier League, two points off leaders Chelsea, with De Gea’s future at the club still unclear.

MORE: Mourinho: De Gea is not for sale

United have been linked with a move for De Gea but the Spanish goalkeeper is understood to have told his club that he is happy at his parent club and they will not let him leave.

After a season that featured in the Europa League and an unenviable run of defeats in the Premier League, De Gea has made only seven starts in all competitions since returning to Madrid.

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I was in a pretty awkward situation yesterday. My friends invited me to dinner, but we’ve never even been on a date. We have the most basic of relationships and the idea of being invited to dinner on a first date is crazy. I’m usually a good date-slinger with plenty of time to make plans and put all the details together in advance, but yesterday was really awkward. I’ve known for a while that my friend Emily was having some problems at home. She wasn’t doing so great, but she had this great plan: she’d take me out for dinner, as a way of helping her. I’ll see her tonight and we’ll make plans. Or is it like a crazy plan?

After I said to Emily what I needed to, she tried to talk me out of going out for dinner.

I just wanted to be there for Emily if something happened, so I figured I’d just go. I went to dinner and started chatting with friends, so I’m happy to say that it was a lot of fun. I went out for sushi later and my friend asked me why I went out for dinner with her.

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