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If you’ve already got the recipes for some of the popular canned dog food brands and would like to try some homemade dog food, keep reading to find a few tips on how to make homemade dog food.

Dry Dog Food Recipe

The dry food recipe is a great one, with no added spices and a great texture. A good dry dog food recipe that contains no sodium is called a “dried or frozen dog food.” I don’t know about any of your friends’ favorite canned dog foods, but if you have another choice, and are still wondering whether it’s kosher or not, then this can be a good place to start looking.

If you’re not sure which of these dog foods is the best fit for your family, then just think ahead to when you’ll be feeding your two kids. What food source will they be eating most frequently? What foods make it into kids’ diets that are high in saturated fatty acids, sodium, and carbohydrates? What foods might not? How will the kids be eating their meals? Will there be a particular treat they’re trying to include at every meal? And how will they know they’re taking in enough calories?

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It’ll be helpful to check the ingredients against the Dog Food Institute of America’s (DGI’s) dog food quality standard. If your dog doesn’t eat the recommended ingredient list, that makes it a high-sodium, high-carb dog food. DGI recommends no more than 30 grams of daily sodium for any dog over 6 months of age. It’s up to you, however, to keep the following in mind:

1. Dried or frozen – Dried foods like canned or dry-prepared meal meals don’t contain too much of their own ingredients for the amount of protein and sodium they’ll get as a dog’s diet. But the dogs’ overall health tends to drop and they’ll take less of a hit on the diet, which is good for you and your family, too.

2. Not in season – The dogs in your diet may not be eating the same type of foods that you are, or they may not be eating the same food as you. If you’re planning to provide your dogs with meat products – like beef – your best bet is to cook it and make it a dry food first. (You may find that the “sodium” will actually be less!) You can add the same types of proteins to this, too, as long as there are no added oils

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