How do I make my pet shop successful? – Pet Shop Business Plan Ppt

1. A large number of customers and a friendly attitude will go a long way.

2. Don’t sell useless items. Some of the pet products you sell will be very profitable because they can be purchased from a pet store. You might want to buy a few other items to go with the best pet items and make the profit.

3. Always offer special discounts. I have received many letters from new pet owners saying they bought their first new pet items and were shocked to see that they never used them. These people should go to a pet store first and try the specials before they buy their items.

4. Try to find the best selling products. I will do the following for you and your pet store:

-Make the selection by customer reviews. Don’t just randomly send out samples.

-Order the products that are likely to increase your sales, or at least bring in a significant amount of sales.

-Ask for a sample of the product because your pet store is not the only place you can shop to find something. If your store only sells a couple of items, get a sample from the rest of your store.

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-Ask your customer to make you a referral as soon as possible. Many customers will recommend a store to you on sight. As the new owner of your first pet store, you need to know if they are a good place to start. Just get a friend to try it and you might decide to give them your business for free.

-When you have a chance to give a sample to somebody who likes your business, you can tell them that you like your pet store and invite them too.

-Start with one or two stores. As a business owner, you only grow at your first store.

-Create a website for your pet store and put your own ads on the website as well. The only requirement is that you must have a blog about your store and a Google+ account to post on there. If you don’t, you might get blocked by Google.

5. Try to attract some of the people who don’t like to shop around. If someone doesn’t like to shop around, then they’ll simply skip over your store. However, if you are trying to get on the good side of a certain customer, then it’s a whole new game as you should be very active in trying to get them to go to your store, write reviews about it and buy the products.


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