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We are not sure how many times we have had dogs in our house, but we do know they stay at or just outside the door at all times. It is very normal for owners to check on your dog regularly.

Does the dog do anything?

It’s not unusual to hear your dog running around the house. However, please don’t assume that is in response to barking. It could just be your dog responding to what it heard. Remember, any barking or other behaviour is an indication of stress and it is important for your pet’s behaviour and health to be monitored regularly.

Do all dogs bark?

No dogs will bark or growl at strangers. A dog should bark or growl if it feels threatened or if you make a threat. The more often you make threats, the bigger the danger he puts your pet in or it will be less confident of its body and behaviour.

Will the dog bite?

It is important for cats and other animals in your home to remain inside every time you leave your dog unattended. If your dog is outside, the most important thing to remember when leaving is to try to be calm and give your dog room to walk. If you notice a change in your dog’s behaviour, this could be the moment to move. However, in extreme cases, the owners of aggressive dogs, who are unaware of the severity of a problem or the need to change, should be assessed by a veterinary vet. The outcome of this assessment could be for both the owner and the owner’s local responsible pet shop to choose a specialist (Veterinary Behavioural Consultant) to evaluate the dogs at their own cost.

What will happen if a dog hits or attacks me?

This is a very common problem in dogs and will result in the most recent bite being classified as domestic. It can lead to serious dog bites and injury. It could mean amputation of one or both limbs, loss of skin or eyes, or other complications, even resulting in death. As a general rule, any dog who attacks should be considered dangerous and should not be left on your property or given free reign of your home.

I left my dog alone for 2 minutes then heard a loud thud and I heard a crash that looked like a dog having a fit. Why did it hurt so badly?

This indicates a bite. It might look like a dog has had a fight and had something to say, but in reality it was a case of an

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