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The average annual salary for a pet sitter is $17,000 as of 2015. This compares with a national average of $18,400.

However, there are a variety of factors that could influence the amount that pet sitters make. Factors such as employer-provided health insurance and the number of hours worked by each position may mean pet sitters are compensated more or less than the national average.

Salary varies by city, location and whether it’s for personal, family or business use.

Pet sitters may also be self-employed or have a private business. A pet sitter may earn more working from home, from private premises, from out of state or in another country.

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Salaries for child care workers?

Pet sitters tend to earn higher wages than child care workers because of their greater importance in the home, according to the American Pet Sitting Association. However, this salary does not include extra pay for childcare assistants for example.

While child care workers earn $5,800 annually on average, pet sitters average $7,600 annually, according to the National Pet Sitting Association. Pet sitters are also more likely to work during peak work hours such as lunch or during the daytime.

Types of jobs for pet sitters

Although pet sitters are often considered the backbone of a home and are usually hired before residents move out, they also work in a lot of other careers as well.

Job titles that may include:


homecare professional

personal assistant

household worker

child-care provider


careworker (domestic)

caregiver (foreign)

care and feed provider


food preparation worker
How Much Does A Pet Sitting Business Coach Cost?

pet sitter (domestic)


research worker

inspection worker


residential care coordinator

visiting care provider


travel companion

The job of a pet sitter

It’s very important for a pet sitter who’s hired to leave the home as soon as it’s time if you’re in dire need of help.

But many pet sitters choose to work only on a day-to-day basis. They’ll often stay on a farm at home with a family member

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