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You might think $500 for a dog salon is ridiculous, but there is an alternative that makes up for some of the costs of running a business. There is a new class of services that dog groomers can offer, all without the expensive and time consuming nature of a service dog. In this class of service Doggroomer’s, you do not need to be a trained service dog, and no other trained service dog will be involved in their work. You can take your dog to your dog groomer for free, and they will give you a cleaning, care, vaccinations and medication – all at minimal, monthly costs. You can take your dog to the groomer for a free pet check up. You can even go out and do your own grooming while it is your dog’s time – all under $500!

Why should I join Doggroomer’s?

Pet grooming doesn’t have to stop, it is now becoming a service we can make a living doing. If you do not have any kind of job, you will need to make the time to have a pet groomer to do your dog’s grooming. For those who don’t have the time to go out and get a dog groomer, you can always try another free service if it makes sense for your pet, or a grooming service to take on a stray dog.

In our example, your dog will need a weekly clean and care of them will need some daily vaccination and preventative work. The amount of work a human can do on these types of jobs is very limited, and if your dog is a stray and not in an approved home, chances are your pet will be put down by an animal control official.

The cost of starting a pet grooming business can be done from anywhere, especially if you are a small business owner. When I started Doggroomer’s in 2010, the first year, I spent a mere $500, and the second year, I spent another $150. That’s $9,500 a year that you can still do your job and still give your dog a great pet grooming experience.

You will find that your pet will be put to work by the dog groomer without having to get your own personal attention. This makes you an even better choice as a pet groomer, and you would not have to spend as much money on equipment and supplies for your dog to be properly cared for.

What is included with a Doggroomer’s service?


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