How much does it cost to start a dog grooming business?

In an interesting statement about the costs of running a dog grooming business, a recent New York Times article says, “Dog grooming is a highly regulated business, which means that you have to start up a business when you want to start it.” That seems to confirm that even if a person is willing to go through the process of growing their dog, their business has to start at some point. Is it the cost that is the primary focus?

A survey was conducted by KPCB and the American Pet Product Association (Puppies Forever survey), in 2009 through to 2012.

Survey of Pet Parents & Retail Pet Owners, 2009-2013

The results of the most recent KPCB survey (December 2012) are shown below:

Top Ten Questions

10. Do you have a dog that has always been groomed by you?

9. If not, would you want any pet with a very large bill – dog groomer or groomer or an extra dog groomer or additional dog groomer?

8. How many dogs do you house?

7. How many pets do you currently have at home?

6. If yes, how many did you have before you started dog grooming?

5. Now that you own a dog (or want to own) do you go through your dog grooming routine every three days?

4. Do you have a grooming parlor you go to? Have you ever had to leave your dog at the parlor for more than 2 min ?

3. Have you ever seen an unnecessary expense cost you?

2. Have you ever had a dog sitter or trainer you hired for an extra dog?

1. Have you ever left a dog unguarded so they can’t be seen for a week and a half, or a week and a half, or for 1 year?

Top Ten Questions

10. Does it usually take you 3 weeks to start a business?

9. Is it easy to get started as a dog grooming business?

8. Do you use a large company when starting a new business?

7. If yes, will you be opening for a while and if not, when?

6. Do you go through your expenses every year (if not yearly?)

5. Do you have any idea how much money you spend on grooming, and how much does it cost you each year?

4. Can