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How much is a licence to work on zoo animals?

You’ll need a licence to get a Zoo Licence. You will be given your licence after you provide your application for a Zoo Licence form. If you are already working in a zoo you must have your animal’s licence with you.

A Zoo Licence is not a permit or any other kind of ID to enter and work in zoos. It only needs to be displayed to other zoo employees. It is not a licence for the right to enter and work on zoo animals.

Do I need a Zoo Licence to enter and work at a zoo?

If you work in a zoo, Zoo Licence will be displayed on your badge.

If you have an employer’s card to show when you are in and out of the zoo you will need a zookeeper’s licence. If you want an ID card to help you with your daily duties then you need to have that in your bag and you need your licence displayed. If you leave a Zoo without wearing your badge or an ID card you will be in breach of the Act.

Do I need a licence for entry into a zoo?

You need a licence to enter a zoos.

Do you need a licence to work at a zoos? You do not, unless you are a Zoo Licence holder and you are working on zoo animals.

Do you need a zoo licence to enter a zoo if you work on animal shows?

Zoos have been required to provide you with a Zoo Licence when you enter shows or exhibitions.

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