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Under NSW Local Government, people can obtain a local government zoo licence by giving the council a signed application form and payment of a fee. There are two licences available:

There is the City (CGW) permit costing $450 – this does not include the animal. There is a State (GWV) permit costing $550 – which includes the animal.

The cost of the Zoo (or the Local Government) permit is $1000 – and is required as a prerequisite for any other zoo permission within the same community.

What are the requirements for issuing a Licence?

The Zoo is required to maintain a large percentage of its breeding stock as far as the community of the community to which it is located.

The Zoo must:

Contain at least two (2) large, healthy male lions or tigers.

Contain at least two (2) mature lions or tigers.

Have full responsibility for maintaining an adult or sub-adult male.

If you need to keep an adult male in order to keep the Zoo in order.

Be ready to provide reasonable housing accommodation for a male that is currently residing in one or more of the Animal Care, Housing and Housing and Animal and Plant Health (APHHP) Facilities in the Zoo.

In addition the Zoo must:

Provide access to a public toilet facility.

Be able to provide at least one animal in-house to be cared for, milked, and used for feeding daily.

A zoo is one of the four animal health facilities where an animal remains if it is not available for direct contact. The Zoo must be open 24 hours daily (except for the hours when hunting, fishing or any of the activities that are conducted on site may take place).

Why is it important? Where do I find a zoo licence?

A licence is issued by a council for the specific community in the state in which the zoo is located. This licence will expire after five (5) years, even if the licence has been renewed.

Many local government towns and cities have local communities with a Zoo licence, but most don’t. You may also have to apply for a local council permit if you are living in or near the locality where the Zoo is located.

The licence itself is usually a paper form and the licence number is stamped directly down to the local Government that issued the Zoo licence. It is then available at several local authority local offices, including

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