How much is insurance for a dog walking business? – Dog Friendly Eateries Near Me

How much is an accident damage insurance for a business like mine?

Does an insurance company offer “damage waivers” to cover a business? How much are they for? I have a dog but I never have any issue of any kind with the dogs and have never had a problem. I just never ask them to insure me or use them as a point of sales since this is what they do. Is this true? We own an outdoor business that is located in a commercial area and the owner does not want the dogs around the buildings or anywhere else unless it goes well with the building. She feels like this is unsafe for us to have on our property. I have had a number of insurance companies try to help me get a damage waiver to cover our business. I am not sure of the amount, but it usually comes in at a lot less than $100 thousand. Does it come up in my calls? Do they say if we have had a claim against us and can file one through their claim filing system?

I have three kids in school and it is very stressful for me when one of my kids is late or out of town, can you help me any how?

Finding a PetSmart near me now is easier than ever with ...
My oldest is in first grade and I have two older kids as well so I’m always running around looking for a babysitter when I can’t find one. My problem is I know she will be at school for an hour or so and I’m like ok, she’s leaving anyway so I might as well watch the kids while they look after him. I can’t stand that, but my oldest doesn’t seem to have a problem leaving at all. It’s really stressing me out because I know once I find one I’ll have a new one. Help me help you.

What kind of insurance do they provide if your cat has an intestinal illness and needs it treated?

I have a cat we brought him from the pound. He will be two months old, at least. I know that’s just how he’s going to be in two months. He comes in on the Monday after he came in, and we put him on a stool and take care of everything. Then the next Tuesday he comes in with the symptoms. If your cat needs to be in the hospital or anything like that, would it be reasonable to get a separate policy (for two kittens)? Do you know the procedure? I’ve seen them take out the intestines and stuff in paper bags, so I wouldn’t be scared if he needs to come out

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