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Well you can get dog walks by yourself too. The key is to make sure you find a local person that wants to do it. I know some do and find it a lot of work but they are so happy that they do it on a regular basis so maybe that’s a good indication for you. I also found that you can also meet the locals and get help. There are forums and other sites where you can get help with finding dog walkers/sheriffs to you and get dog walking. Here is a link to help find Dog walking work opportunities online as well as a local forum for local dog walkers and a local forum for local sheriffs to help you find local dog walkers to you:

Dog walking in the US?

How much money do I need to spend to earn a $1500+ /year dog walker job?

So now you have got everything you needs you can decide whether you want to start with Dog walking or going to work for a Dog walking agency. You also might want to consider where you work (i.e. where you get paid as dog walker or dog owner) but not just what sort of job you will be doing. You will need to have a reasonable degree of English or another language that will allow you to use these words in your everyday language and this can be a huge cost to you. I know the benefits of English are that it is very useful but also that it is easy for you to get a job as a dog walker in the UK but not in the UK. I have worked for a company that pays people an hourly rate plus tax. Although I would really like to have said that I was paid a salary so that I would have a lot more flexibility in terms of moving around between countries and working different hours and so on but this was not the case for me as it is very hard to move around the country just to earn a living for yourself. There are other advantages to doing this though. For example, many dogs that are dog walkers and owners will not walk around on a weekday but do it on a holiday or a weekend. And with the ease of communication you can ask around and find the best dog walkers that you can. They are happy to go along with you and tell you what to do. They also make the time much quicker than being stuck all day in your local office or even going to work every day.

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