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Lately it has been noted the US Government is using a technology “known as ‘Big Brother’ or ‘Wake-Me-Up’ to control the information on the Internet by spying on us and all Internet companies.”

In the wake of this news, many are asking if we should even be worried about it. After all, “Big Brother” does not have to be watching us. The answer is yes, but let’s look at what kind of info is in front of, and by whom.

It was revealed in 2010 that the National Security Agency (NSA) spied on nearly everything people thought they were doing on the Internet. The NSA is not the only Government agency that spies, but it is by far the largest.

The information that is being turned over to the NSA is all in some way related to online activities. Information about what sites people want to visit, how they interact with each other on them, how we spend our time on what we do on the Internet, what websites we visit, what websites we search for using Internet searching engines and much more.

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“The US Army’s computer systems have been subjected to extensive surveillance of domestic American citizens without their knowledge. This includes the monitoring of Americans’ private correspondence and communications, as well as of the personal computer and portable devices of a US citizen,” according to The New York Times.

The US Government has been spying on Americans using Internet technologies for most of today’s history, and no one stopped them. There are more government surveillance agencies and systems worldwide than the NSA.

So what’s the problem?

It’s easy for privacy concerns to cloud our judgment when we hear about surveillance. We look for a silver lining when there is one. We are left wondering why there is an evil government that keeps on spying on us or how this could have gotten to the point it is in the US, but we forget to question all the different levels of government, and how that could be connected to our private information in service of a greater good.

Why is there an evil government that keeps on spying on us or how is it that they keep on looking for more government information with which to keep us all in line

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