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Note: You can read the details of this specification at HTML5DevDays.


This specification defines a generic method that provides a way to pass the content of a web page and a script to a DOM element. It does not provide semantics on how such information is interpreted, but rather defines the content of the DOM and the behavior for various scenarios in which it is used. Note that this specification does not describe any specific implementations, such as user agents, web browsers, or JavaScript engines.


All content is encoded in one line of HTML. There is a single space after the first


, , ,

, ,


, ,

, following
declaration may be added for emphasis, but may be omitted for brevity.

For convenience, attributes may be specified in the following form:


Attributes may have values and are separated by commas. Values are case-insensitive, and strings are also parsed as case-insensitive.

Note: attributes of value undefined (including null ) are replaced by empty strings. They are then considered ignored in the DOM.

A list of attributes is allowed. The length of the attribute is the number of attributes.

There are two types of elements – those that are HTML elements and those are script elements. HTML elements are allowed and must be the only elements where content is allowed (with a few exceptions). When a script element is a script element, it cannot participate in an HTML markup, so it cannot be used as a tag.

A script element can contain other script elements. In order for those scripts to work, the following conventions must be met:

script elements are not allowed to contain

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