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This is a good question and one that should be addressed in a comprehensive answer. I believe Dog Food Buyers Association is doing the right thing in publishing their own research to determine whether or not dog food is the answer. While it is my belief that it is the best source that is out there for research, there are other sources, one of which we will get to shortly. But first let’s address the question to its most concise statement: what are the main concerns dogs are having with their dog foods? The problem we are worried about are the food allergies, so naturally we are most concerned with these and the second most important concern is potential side effects that are being associated with dog food. The most important ingredient in any dog food is the dog food that comes in the packaging – so, the question is: which is the best dog food for you cat owner?

As mentioned earlier in the article, we are most concerned with the potential risks that these ingredients may present to your pet and the health issues that may be associated if your cat develops an allergic reaction to the dog’s food. I believe a better way to look at this is in terms of how many of the ingredients are the same for both dogs and cats and that the differences in the ingredients are relatively small. Thus, a dog should not experience the same problems that a cat might in terms of allergies or other disease states.
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However, as with any good question, there are very valid points against eating this way. One of the major points is that there is a potential for over a million chemical entities being formed during fermentation in dogs and this can lead to a range of health problems for animals as they age. It is also known that cats may have an intolerance to some of these ingredients but I assume that the number is very small. Lastly, as stated, a majority of the ingredients in dog foods are derived from corn or soy. The problem that both dogs and cats may have, particularly when they are allergic to the main ingredients, are the additives. These include things like preservatives, colorants, flavor enhancers and vitamins and drugs added to make the food more digestible. The problem with this is that these additives in dog and cat diets may increase the severity of symptoms the following day and that may lead to a higher risk of a pet becoming ill. So, we are essentially buying pet food with the premise that these are only the most serious and harmful risks and not the potential benefits you would get from eating them. This is a very important point to

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