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“I don’t know any better answer to that question, I don’t think the answers are as good.”
That’s the line the Humane Society of the United States says it uses in its annual annual “Animal Welfare Report”. But what does it mean? In the report’s explanation, it said: “Horses and other equines are commonly killed by firearms when in the path of a moving vehicle. Firearms kill horses and other equines for three main reasons: either they are unable to defend themselves or have taken evasive action, such as avoiding an aggressive animal; they are being used for bait to catch, hold or chase after other wild animals such as deer, antelopes and rabbits; or they are dead after being shot by someone else or when being hit by a car while fleeing from humans or predators.”
In the face of “the evidence of an industry which is killing animals without any regard to the animals’ welfare”, the HSUS said it stood in solidarity with the owners of “thousands of horses and other animals killed illegally because of their owners’ actions and the widespread practice of ‘ranchers’ deliberately harming their animals in order to avoid a long and expensive process of having them euthanized. Equines and their owners are a group to which no responsible person should lend their name or support.”
And it says its report is about “working together with society to end this needless suffering”, but it doesn’t. What it says is that it is about stopping those who exploit animals and animals being destroyed.
The HSUS is a great organization, I’m sure, I just don’t know if there is a place for a dedicated organization dedicated to the destruction of equines, if not a national organization and with an emphasis on what can be done – and in this case, stopping hunting.
“There is no one answer,” said Ms. Kallestani. “I get the impression that the answer is, ‘Why not?’ But there isn’t a perfect answer. There’s no perfect solution. We’ll see.”

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UK banks have been ordered to pay more than £2.2bn in damages to customers who were wrongfully charged for overdraft fees or overpaid.

The government announced damages totalling £1.7bn for an array of cases brought by customers of HSBC, Barclays, Lloyds, HSBC, RBS and UniCredit.

It also ordered that the banks pay compensation to other consumers.

All three banks have said

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