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In an ideal world, you’d have a baby with a high, low, baby type of temperament. I don’t want to get into a debate about which is the “best” or the “worst” temperament (and then we’d be here all day). What I’m saying is that you and your baby need to have a warm, fuzzy, non-threatening bond and that your baby’s temperament can be easily influenced by what’s going on around you while you are away from home. Here’s what you’re looking for, in your home:

2. Warm, fuzzy, non-threatening personality

This personality may not be apparent at birth, but over time you will see it:

• Your baby will spend most of his day at your feet and will tend to be cuddly and playful. Your baby will probably have a quiet, sweet disposition. You should look for his happy demeanor.

• When you come home, he’ll usually be quiet and peaceful, even when his siblings are getting in a fight.

• Your baby will need space to explore, be with other young and be with family or caregivers. While you’re away for a long period of time, he may seem overwhelmed. You may want to take him to a baby sitter or a crib of some sort.

There are times when you or your baby may need a little extra time outside the home to interact with the outside world – to ride around your car, to go for a drive, to take a hot bath. But you and your baby don’t need to go into a world where your kid needs to be restrained or restrained to a dog leash. If any of these things happen during the day, the baby needs to be protected and treated in other ways.

3. Quiet, loving demeanor

Your baby will probably do whatever is comfortable to him at the first sign of trouble. If we’re away for too long, he may become very hyper. In these situations, your baby needs some distance from your home or the kids, though you can do this in other circumstances if the baby is under 10 days old. For example, if our baby doesn’t come to you within a day or two of coming home from preschool or the nursery, it’s because you and your baby need a break or a quiet place to play or just take a nap.

4. Uncomfortable with other kids or other animals

This kid is going to be upset for the first week of life

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