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In a survey from the University of Oregon that asked 2,002 dog owners who walk their pet and their pet’s owner a variety of questions and concluded that while most dog walkers work a job similar to their work-study position, the most popular was babysitting, followed by driving a tow truck or waiting for ambulances.

The survey said about 3 percent work the majority of their hours working at home, while 4.7 percent work long hours cleaning offices, 7.2 percent work as custodians or in the care of children and the rest work long hours in a variety of other kinds of jobs.

And here’s where I have the problem. Most of these jobs are full stop professions. I don’t have the time or the desire or the opportunity to clean your house or have a long-term relationship with your pet, and it’s the least attractive work available to us. Most of these jobs are just about the most boring or the most challenging I can imagine for a man, and they often don’t require much in the way of education beyond basic obedience training. And my wife and I are, in fact, neither. We have worked at my mother’s house as a handyman when she was pregnant and on my own when she began having labor pains, but neither of us ever went beyond that. The fact that we live in a place that is full of places is partly why we still don’t think we could do some of these jobs, let alone all of them. There was a time when working a housekeeper or cleaning a school didn’t seem like an option for us, and it isn’t today.

What’s the best job for a dog walker?

You might find something to keep you occupied during the day, but you’re never going to be able to keep up with all the puppies and dogs and other dogs out there, and most importantly, you aren’t ever going to be able to take care of an elderly or disabled dog.
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Which brings me to the next question: what will keep you occupied during the day, and which will keep you occupied through the night or long into the future?

Do not answer these questions unless you have an idea about what your current job is. If you’re doing something you love (which is often), then there is no reason to leave it. But if the job is something you have no desire to do (most of us are), then do this little homework. Ask yourself which job you’ll like to do

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