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You must be a dog walker for at least one day per week to enjoy the benefits of the special health benefits offered to the participating employees. Do these benefits include other special benefits such as:

Puppy-Friendly Hours (paid on the first day of work each week)

Free PDA (Puppy Dog Exam)

Access to a dog walker when visiting your family

Health insurance

Dogs can get these benefits for free if their owner is participating in an animal wellness program, with a minimum $200.00 deductible, with or without a PDA exam. To become a PDA provider or attend one of the free puppy friendly dog day care, call us at (888) 648-7000 before you leave the office on Monday through Friday.

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What are the dog walker’s duties?

In order to ensure a safe, healthy environment for pets, the staff at our clinics require that dogs be at least seven months of age and have been trained to perform regular and routine grooming, grooming and exercise activities. These activities might include brushing teeth, combing ears, brushing teeth, combing hair, clipping ears or trimming hair. Dachshunds are also trained to clean up after themselves and to follow certain grooming routines, including a bath, after going to the bathroom, and before bed. As a result of this training, dogs can perform other daily tasks at a safe and professional level. These tasks include eating on all surfaces, walking up stairs, retrieving loose or misplaced objects, playing and socializing.

There are no personal grooming facilities located at the veterinary clinic, and you are responsible for obtaining any necessary grooming services for your dog or dogs. Dogs will clean up after themselves at all times.

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