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We measure profit margins by how much a company can earn without actually selling anything. Our most recent calculations found dog food companies can make up to 36% of their profits with their sales. And that represents only the profit on dogs. We have also seen these companies sell their food to restaurants. These are just examples of how a dog food company gets more money than it makes from selling dogs. As a consequence, even a business like Canine Goodness can be profitable when their entire business is dogs and not just dog food.

The profit margin on this business line is very high. In our calculations, Canine Goodness is estimated to earn over 70% of its sales from sales of dogs. This compares favorably to other companies in the food business and makes Canine Goodness the most profitable dog food company in the world. You can understand why Canine Goodness is able to profit when it sells and keeps selling dogs. Their business model is extremely simple.

Canine Goodness sells dog food that is guaranteed to pass USDA inspection. When USDA inspectors look at the dog food, they look for quality controls (like what to put in dogs’ bodies), dog foods with ingredients that are of the highest quality, and dog food with no additives.

Is the market big enough for this type of business?

Yes. The market for dog food is the biggest in the world. The U.S. is one of the leading dog food markets in the world. And the market for dog food has grown and diversified tremendously over time to include over 7,250 brands in the U.S and another 28,000 in Europe. Our data shows that there are a total of 6 billion dog owners around the world, with over 100 million of those owners consuming more than one dog at nearly once. We believe that Canine Goodness has one of the largest market shares in this category. To understand market share, we compared the sales of products to how much these dog foods were generating for each of the companies.

Here are some of the key insights:

The Dog Food Market Is Huge

It’s estimated that there are approximately 6 billion dog owners in the world. Of these, about 1 billion have one dog. That’s a large market with a lot of potential. Canine Goodness generates more U.S. business per dog than most other companies.

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Dog Food Is Bigger Than Beef and Sausage

According to the International Society for the Study of Obesity (ISSO),

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