What pet products sell best? – Pet Sitting Business Means

Is there a specific pet product that will do the trick for your puppy? If not, please find out what other products you might consider shopping for in the area surrounding your puppy for the first few months!

What are some of your dog’s favorite toys?

Most of our favorite toys are ones that do not have to be used more than once a day!

How often should my puppy play?

Your dog should play regularly (at least once a day is typical) but don’t expect them to play all day! They require the right routine to help them perform at their best.

How often should they drink?

If you use a water bowl for this, your dog may ingest water from other people in the house or while they are eating. If your dog can’t drink water, then use one large bowl. We also like to offer the “Pound Pee” water bottle. Please make sure your dog knows it is OK to drink the water, and be sure to empty it into the dish or container before drinking water to avoid any issues.

Is it okay to walk my puppy or young pup off the leash?

We try to be as flexible as possible. Your pet’s leash should not be used for other purposes than to control the puppy. Some puppy owners take their dogs for walks and keep it so that they can have a better relationship with the dog and feel better about doing this. For instance, many dogs, especially those who are young, are terrified to walk on a leash. If you take your puppy to a park or to the neighborhood dog park, you don’t want to stop with them because a dog has jumped up on you or you have accidentally pet a new puppy.

For some breeds, there are leash rules that you may have to adhere to to keep your dog safe! For example, some dog breeds have certain types of dogs that may not necessarily walk with the pack. These dog breeds have dog walking behaviors that may be a problem for some owners. The dog should remain in the back yard until you are gone and then go back to the pack. In those cases, there will be a leash in place for your dog as always.

You must follow the leash rules when walking your pet, even if your pet is being walked in a group. Dogs also need to have enough room to turn around and to get up and walk again when the leash is broken.

What do we do for our puppies/kinderg

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