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This will depend how far you live, your health and how frequently you are able to visit your vet.

Your health. How well do you maintain your health, and do you take your vaccinations? If you are able to walk your dog regularly, you will be able to charge around £5 per day for your dog of course.

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How much do you wish to charge your dog for a walk?

Your dog cost for a walk depends heavily on the distance you will be able to take home and your ability to pay.

Do you want to charge £30 or £50 for a walk? £5 for a walk might seem a reasonable amount to charge but remember that you would only be able to take home a few pet’s meals during your walk.

If you charge £30 for your dog, should you expect dogs to be willing to walk back to your driveway in the evening because you have left them in the garden all day? Most certainly not. Many owners find that they only return their dog to their doorstep to feed once a week or less, so you will only be able to take your dog out for a short walk once a week or less and you will miss out on all of the other things your dog likes doing.

Do you want to charge £10 for your dog per day or £50 or £300? £10 might seem reasonable, but if your puppy is a large family dog, it is likely to struggle to be able to pick up the cost of the daily walk so you might find it difficult.

Do you wish to charge £10 for a walk, £50 or £300?

These vary hugely according to distance travelled and what your dog enjoys doing most.

Remember that the distance you take your dog to walk is not about ‘costing’ him (costing him money or time).

Your dog doesn’t spend all day at the front of the house, nor does he take long walks in the park. Many owners will only take their dog out for small walks which often come in the early morning at the weekend or at lunchtime during the week. As a result the £0.50 to £5 per day cost may seem cheap, but only to the casual walker.

Remember that many dogs enjoy more than one breed and many owners love their pooches more than others, so don’t expect your dog to be willing to walk back to your house just to be fed and watered after lunch.

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