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There probably aren’t any pets that you could ever take on at home without making sacrifices. If you want a house full of the most low maintenance dogs, then these are the dogs you should consider. They are also probably the ones you will love to spend time with, which is what dogs deserve, right?

1. Bull Terrier

The Bull Terrier also known as the Boston Terrier is a high energy, active, social and protective dog. He’s easy to pick up and very easy to train, and he won’t complain. A Bull Terrier is not a chow dog.

He doesn’t have trouble being left alone to do his business, especially if he’s a small breed, but he will also need to be watched after at daycare facilities.

The Bull Terrier likes to live by his own rules. He is the perfect house dog, but has to be the first dog who’s going to live in the same house with you.

He doesn’t go out much in his life, though he will want to play with other animals. The Bull Terrier is more likely to bark than other breeds.

The Bull Terrier will love walking in the front yard, but will tend to be quiet in a busy neighbourhood. He makes a great companion for smaller children or dogs who need more room.

In general, the Bull Terrier has big, powerful jaws, strong elbows and strong jaws at the end.

Bull Terriers won’t bark much. He’ll bark too much if you are trying to scare an animal.

There will be nights when the Bull Terrier is hard to house. He doesn’t like being alone unless he’s in a secure building. He’ll need frequent vet checkups and can be afraid of dogs he doesn’t know well. He’ll need to be kept away from small children.
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The Bull Terrier isn’t the biggest dog and loves playing with a variety of different dogs and can be quite demanding towards other dogs who aren’t in his league.

Although he doesn’t bark for attention, there’s always the risk of getting it. He will also do his best to be the first one to go to bed at the same time you do. His short, thick hair makes him very good at snoozing!

He is affectionate, loyal to his family and he enjoys sleeping with you. He also loves to play fetch with other dogs. His personality makes him an ideal candidate for the

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