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Can you imagine the emotional devastation you’d feel if you found your pet in that situation? It’s impossible to be certain the answer to what could happen in an emergency situation, but there are some general rules.

Rabbi Dr. Elyakim Rubinstein, a prominent Russian-Jewish leader, has warned that his country risks becoming one of the “new frontiers of the world under the domination of Jewish fanaticism that threatens the existence of the State of Israel and the Jewish people.”

Rubinstein, president of the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of Russia, said Russia’s religious and political establishment “is losing control over itself. For some, their lives and future are in the hands of fanaticism, and some even believe that they are becoming a new front in the world.”

Rubinstein explained that the “hieroglyphic” society that has now formed in Russia “fuses together the Orthodox, the nationalist and the Zionist elements.” This group, he said, “is not a single entity, but an entity of which many members have been able to reach power and are in a position to influence foreign and domestic policy without the existence of a unified national authority that can protect them [from harm].”

Rubinstein said that Putin himself is using “the specter” of the “Muslim terrorist threat” to distract society from the “moral deterioration” of society. In addition, he said, “an increasing number of Russian and Western citizens are coming under the influence of religious extremist ideologies.”

While the number of Russian Jews is decreasing fast, Rubinstein said that there are currently more than 12,500 Jews in Russia. He warned that Russian citizens who do not worship Russian Orthodoxy will face persecution. He added that the new wave of terror attacks in Europe is being exploited “to create division among the population and to promote a culture of fear among [Russians].”

According to Rubinstein, the Kremlin is trying to create a “monstrous ideology of war. [It] demands its own defense, and demands that people, especially Muslims, must be eradicated from Russia,” Rubinstein said. “This has been a principal plan with which the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin has conducted his foreign policy.” (See also: Russia-China Strategic Partnership: How It Is Combating Jihadism)

The head of the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of Israel and chairman of its rabbinical council, Yossi Melman, accused the Kremlin of supporting “fanaticism

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