Which dogs can be left alone for 8 hours? – Small Business Pet Store Near Me

A: For dogs that don’t have other medical problems that require extended separation, they can spend up to 8 hours at a time at home, with family, and with the owner. For other dogs that require a bit longer separation, a good approach might be to place the dog with a family member or friend that can give the dog a good-natured game of fetch; also, if the dog has a lot of other health issues, you’re less likely to induce any anxiety in the dog, especially if it has a bit of a stubborn bone in its back or spine.

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What is a good time to feed a puppy?

A: The ideal time to feed a puppy would be at least once a day, although you can feed at times as short as a minute in between meals if that’s what the puppy needs (especially if you’re feeding a new puppy!). You may experience a bit of food spasms in the afternoon; however, this shouldn’t interfere with the puppy getting enough nutrients from the food you used to feed him.

What if my puppy refuses to eat?

A: The answer to this question depends on the quality of food you feed your puppy. A dry diet is not good for your young puppy without help; you may have to make the effort to supplement his diet with an oat or pumpkin supplement (but see my tips for feeding a dry diet if you do choose to do this). An all-wheat or soy-based diet is generally acceptable if you feed it without any trouble. A dry food-based diet may well cause a puppy to choke or choke himself if he’s not sufficiently stimulated by feeding while he’s awake, so this is less acceptable. Finally, you can feed a dry food diet right after a heavy meal, if you’re willing to allow the dog to eat some of the rest of the meal to stimulate his system. Your puppy’s digestive system will need time to adjust to the new food, so this might be about as much opportunity as you get before your dog begins to starve, especially if you’re using grain-free or vegan foods.

Can I feed a puppy any food or treats?

A: Unless they’re pregnant, puppies can go days without eating and still be OK. Puppies that are just starting their journey through life have had little time to develop their eating habits through diet alone; therefore, just because they seem to be eating regularly does not mean their digestive system has adjusted to a new, different life style

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