Why are retractable leashes bad? – Dog Walker Business Name Ideas

This is important. Leash safety is essential for the safety of the dog. A retractable leash, which means there are no cords, makes it easier for your dog to learn how to use a leash when it is not needed. A retractable collar may not be good for all dogs. Many people, when they first learn to live with a dog, will start having their dog have his or her collar pulled. This often happens in the beginning of training or by the time I become a full-time professional dog trainer, and usually the dog does not tolerate it much longer than a few weeks.

If the dog is pulling the leash, you can teach the leash to stay off the dog, or “drop”, by using a safety leash, such as a leash that you can put on your dog before a new training session. (The new leash will stay in place while you are training your dog and it does not need to be pulled all day as some new dogs learn to do.)

One more thing. If your dog will stop pulling on a retractable leash, please let me know so I will try to find a replacement leash in the near future!

I have dogs with no retractable leashes! What are my options?

Not all dogs, particularly small breeds, have retractable leashes. However, I do have many dogs with retractable leashes, and it is not usually a problem. You may have some dogs with retractable leashes and others without. In general, it is the number of retractable leashes worn by the dog’s owner that determines why not all dogs have retractable leashes.

I have a smaller dog who is having trouble getting to a new training floor. How can I train him to be comfortable on the floor?

This is a common thing that happens. Sometimes it is a little tough getting the dog to use a special training floor where you do not have the leash dangling. In those situations, try moving the leash a bit off leash so that the dog is able to get to the floor by itself. If this doesn’t work, you should also try pulling on the leash a bit faster and slower.

Also, if your dog is not getting to his training floor, your dog may very well be fearful and aggressive. If this is the case, the best thing you can do is try going a step further. When you are at the first class, please explain how your dog is experiencing anxiety or aggression. Your instructor

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