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You may think retractable leashes are the best way to train dogs. There are lots of advantages to these devices, like being more ergonomic and less expensive.

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But you will quickly learn that when someone’s dog is trained using a retractable leash, the dog can’t get along with other dogs. If it’s too loose, the dog will bark at you when you play with it or you’ll walk on it, because that means you can’t catch it!

A dog’s sense of touch is highly dependent on how much his “neuro-muscular system” is excited and stimulated. If a dog feels a dog is near even the tiniest amount, he’ll be much more likely to come toward or bark at that dog when you touch him. A dog is also excited if you move away from him, even when he’s not under any imminent threat. That makes a dog an ideal target for a training device.

Another problem with retractable leashes is that they can trap a dog’s scent – a very effective way to control a dog’s behavior. Your dog won’t sniff a dog in your presence because he knows the scent will disappear.

How long should my dog be on a retractable leash?

You should have your dog on the leash between six paces and thirty paces, depending on your dog. That’s about the distance from your dog’s forehead to the base of his skull. Keep in mind, your dog’s scent, if large enough, can stay with the collar for a long time. If your dog is a short-haired black Labrador, he might get as far with no problem; if he’s shorter, he may be better off holding his breath until he realizes he’s going to lose the chase.

What type of trainer should I use when a dog’s loose?

You can teach an elastic device, which is less risky. But if you use the most professional-quality training devices, you won’t have to worry about your dog running off because he got himself loose in the woods.

Another consideration when choosing a trainer to use a canine leash is to make sure you have a trainer who offers training and certification to the public. A leash is much more effective if it comes from a professional or a reputable organization that knows what it’s doing.

So why would you trust a leash that is manufactured by a company with an unhealthy reputation rather than the one produced by someone who practices safely?

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