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How much do my 401Ks cost these days?

Your 401k’s are going to cost you something in the neighborhood of $60-80,000 a year, if not more. It’s true that they’ve historically been more expensive than their investments, but at this point it actually comes from fewer factors: 1. The amount of risk to take. Over time, the costs of holding investments have gone up, because of the high return nature of the asset classes. Now that the risk is low, things will become more manageable. 2. The time value of money. It’s hard to get a return to keep going, but at 401k level, you get a higher return, per dollar of investment. Even if you don’t expect to do much good with your money for a long time, it’s still a worthwhile investment, so it’s worth putting away a few dollars a year for that time. And if the investments don’t work out, you at least have a safety net.

How do I get an immediate withdrawal? How do I set up a Roth IRA?

This is a tough one. Your best bet is to set up a Roth IRA prior to retirement. Here’s a good idea for a $1,000 IRA balance: Take the entire balance over a three-month period, and then withdraw it to a Roth IRA within four weeks. You should know this to be true before you even sign up for the Roth account, because the IRS is not that savvy – and you’re taking a chance on someone else’s ignorance.

Here’s how to set up that same Roth IRA for each of your taxable and non-taxed accounts: Do your taxes.

Make sure you take your taxes, but do your 401k – just in case.

Sign up – but know this: You’ll have to start each month paying a 10% penalty.

Don’t worry about Roth contributions at this point. You’ll have to pay taxes every year, and you still will have a tax-advantaged account. And you should still be able to make contributions, but you’ll have to make them during this same 10% penalty.

So, if you do everything right (you’ve taken every step necessary), you should still have room to set up a Roth in January. That’s more than enough time to get all the taxes you need, but only a little extra time! We don’t have a Roth IRA with a Roth in

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