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I’ve never seen a man with an accent do so much with such a sweet accent!

This is a beautiful image for me to remember my first trip to the States. I had been working on a comic book adaptation of my book, the one where I go as a superhero to save Harlem. And as soon as I found out that my book was in the news, I knew I needed to go to NY to get the story out there in a new way.

I have to admit, having read about all the great parts of Harlem in the US, from the Harlem Renaissance to the Harlem Revitalization, I was looking forward to my visit. And then I saw a video of my uncle, which got me thinking, why don’t I travel to NYC to get the story out there? Who knows, maybe next time one of these stories will be so wonderful that I’ll go on it, for the sake of it!

Of course a couple of days later after I was finished writing, I was flying to NYC in a car with my uncle. It was going to be a fun trip, not a long car ride, but still enough to see the whole city. But when we started to drive down a new street, the driver’s seat seemed to be a bit out of whack. At that moment I knew what it was doing, because there was a huge hole in the back that didn’t allow for any sort of car to drive through!

“You know, I’m just going to get out and stare at the hole, maybe it’s a problem with the engine control module…? Anyway, what can I do?”

“OK. But first, please take off your seat. You’re about to drive this car over a hole in the back of it.”

I didn’t see the hole, but I knew it was there. It was just too big, but I was still nervous. And after some driving it was clear, I was about to have a rough time…

We drove along the street until we had to stop to park again. “Now, if you would like to take off your seat, maybe it will be a better idea for the

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