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SlimTrade’s market maker service offers a wide variety of trading pairs with a full spectrum of strategies that can be used for trading stocks. In addition to the traditional swing trade, we are also the only market maker service in the United States that offers a fully automated and managed investment fund. No matter how you trade stocks, you have easy access to the same range of portfolio management tools as are available through your brokerage firm or directly from our platform as well as trading pairs like VIX futures and S&P 500 futures.

Why use SlimTrade for trading stocks?

If you think back to a stock picker—a market maker—the most important criteria for a stock-picking market maker is to make trading easier and more efficient for clients. By using trading pairs like VIX futures and S&P 500 futures, SlimTrade’s platform is able to offer the same tools and trading characteristics as those available on your own institutional trading floors! We also offer exclusive low trading fees for clients as well as an automatic fund transfer service from SlimTrade’s own proprietary fund service provider.

As the largest market maker service in the Americas, we’re pleased to provide you with the platform to trade everything from traditional, to complex index funds and ETFs, including the most popular S&P 500 ETFs and ETFs for the most popular S&P 500 stocks. Not only are clients able to trade the most popular stocks in the world like American Express, Apple, Amazon and Coca-Cola, but we also offer several additional strategies that give our clients access to low trading fees—even after taking into account the many trading pairs listed on our platform and that can even allow clients to earn even greater annual interest on their portfolios than what a traditional equity market maker can offer. We look forward to assisting you with your trading needs via email, phone or live support during business hours.

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What is your commission?

In the United States, there is a fee charged to each client by a broker or a credit union. The fee ranges from 3.00% for small accounts to 5.00% for accounts with more than $10,000. The commission does not apply to accounts with less than $20,000 invested.

We also offer the following brokerage fee reduction programs:

SlimTrade’s brokerage discount does not apply to securities listed in “sensitive” trading categories, including mutual funds and ETFs. The brokerage discount applies only to the transaction charge.

Our brokerage discount applies only to brokerage

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