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Sure, if you know your stuff. But that’s an expensive hobby. If you have enough time and you have time to invest, you can make money scalping stocks. Some people use brokers, but that kind of works too.

What do you learn about trading in “Mad Money”?

I learned a lot about finance, about economics, about real estate, about markets, about investing. But you can learn a lot more about investing, too – in any given field, whether it’s real estate, stocks, bonds.

You can learn a lot about investing, too – in any given field, whether it’s real estate, stocks, bonds. You can do it very cheaply in this book. You can learn everything you could want, really – and we can talk about everything in real-time.

How would you describe the difference between being an investment adviser and being an investment journalist?

The difference, for me, is in how to communicate. The broker I hired to tell me that buying this stock was a terrible idea was really the only person I really knew. I got to spend some time listening to him talk about it, and I learned a lot from that. The investment journalist has to have an expert in his field, someone he knows personally, and someone he’s going to know a lot about.

So I found this very interesting – it turns out that, yes, it’s really helpful to have somebody who’s in your corner, who’s got expertise. In some ways it’s a shame that most investment reporters have no expertise in the area they cover. In fact, sometimes they’re doing it with a bunch of reporters. That’s an interesting tension: That sometimes there’s this disconnect between how we use language about the industry and the actual industry.

Do you recommend investors put on stocks or bonds from these books?

Maybe they should. If you can do that, you can do a lot of amazing things. Just do it. It doesn’t matter. The only thing you really care about is that the stuff that you learn from “Mad Money” is going into your portfolio, either to protect you from losses or to protect your capital.

We have a question on the “Ask Ben” Twitter account: What’s in the “Mad Money” books that you haven’t read?

I’ve read a lot of books, but we just haven’t got that book for us.

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