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Trade Forex

A lot is said about Bitcoin and Ether in trade forum but there has never really been a proper site to buy and sell forex with a simple website. has a very nice interface, and it’s free to use. The site’s developer, Mattie, is constantly being updated adding new features to the site which makes you wonder how it’s going to hold up over the next 6 months.

1. Trading Forex

Free API

This is a very straightforward way to trade forex. The interface is built after the basics for trading have been covered, and it’s easy to load your money with your debit or credit card. The API doesn’t provide much to it’s users but the developer is constantly updating the API with new features.

2. Forex Trading

Forex Trading

Free API

With that said, it’s the best option as the site is constantly updating it’s features. With the added features comes a lot more complexity, but there is so much info in it. If you still haven’t got your head around trading forex, they have you covered so it won’t take you long to get up and running with this site.

3. Trading FX

FX Exchange

Free API

If you’ve read my earlier advice of the best free forex trading sites then this is the site you would like to choose. has over 50 different trade types in the API and each one has all sorts of features. The only drawback is that if you’re looking to get a handle on trading this is probably the free one.

4. Forex Trading

Forex Trade

Free API

With the addition of futures this site has come a long way. It’s very simple to use, and gives you a list of different futures options available for trading. With some time invested, you could make a decent money from trading this site or another site with a free API.

5. BTC Exchange

BTC Exchange

Free API

As with the others it has been around for a while and has more features. As I haven’t invested enough time to gain a handle on trading BTC I’d probably take this site over others.

6. Bitcoin Trading

BTC Market

Free API

With the added features of futures and options in the API, this site gets a lot more complicated. You will still need to learn how

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