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If not, should this tool be used to help you assess when to move or when to hold:

For a trader looking to buy low, an A/B test is often an accurate way to move in or out (and vice versa)

For a trader looking to sell high, using an effective low-to-high or A/B test can be misleading – moving averages are often too optimistic

Most people are looking to buy low and sell high for some reason; the A/B test is therefore likely to be helpful here

There are two types of A/B tests, with one looking at the absolute value of a stock, and the other looking at whether the current trend is bullish or bearish. So the following chart gives an example of both:

The graph above is from the chart of the S & P/L ETF (SPL). Here the indicator is showing that the ETF’s price is being supported by the bullish momentum, and the A/B test has highlighted the trend may become bearish in the near term.

If you want to learn how to apply this test to real-world trading scenarios, you might find the following chart useful:

To help you identify the relative strength (rs) of a stock, the following chart shows the S&P 500 relative strength, measured in terms of the number of shares for each level. For example, here is the relative strength of the S&P 500 relative to a one-month horizon:

The relative strength is a measure of how much investors value each share of the same company. You can think of the strength as taking into account how important the companies, as a group, are to investors. This will generally determine whether you should buy or sell shares. For example, here is how a $50 share of Apple would be valued in the context of relative strength, compared to a $2 of shares. Here are all the numbers and where they came from:

Apple (AAPL) $52.54 Apple ( AAPL ) $52.54 Apple ( AAPL ) $55 Apple ( AAPL ) $55 Microsoft (MSFT) $51.98 Microsoft (MSFT ) $52.54

Now for some examples:

We tested the effect of the S&P 500 relative strength on the current trend for the NASDAQ 1000 Index:

This chart shows how the current trend for the NASDAQ 1000 Index (NASDAQ: ) turned bearish

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