Do swing traders make money? – Swing Trading Stock Picking Services Comparison

I’d like to think so. So I’m going to walk you through why that’s no longer true.

The short answer is: we can’t predict what the future will bring, and you shouldn’t have to. But there’s one more thing you should be thinking about before you do that: the long term, or maybe even long term. That means you have to make money at the margins, which you don’t have to be a genius at when you’re trying to make up your mind. If you’re not, this might not be the post that you’re looking for.

One of the things that people ask me all the time is what happens if the Fed raises interest rates? They want answers like this: “Why should you care about that?” The answer is: it’s irrelevant when your primary concern is making money. Just because you’re interested in whether the Fed will raise rates doesn’t mean that you have to care. Of course, if the Fed takes action like this… well, your long term returns may not be as good, but atleast you’re more likely to make money.

If you want to make money, you get out of bond trading, and that means trading stocks or ETFs, and in some cases even ETFs directly. There’s lots of short-term money to be made in stocks and ETFs, but that’s only relevant to the people who pay more attention to that than their primary goals. And who are they? Those are the people who have the highest short-term income prospects because of the long term:

So why invest your money on margin trade or in ETFs? The answer is: because the returns on index funds and trading strategies are better.

So what’s the best way to do this? I’d suggest trading your earnings, with stocks and ETFs if they’re doing what you hope they will do. Even a long-term strategy can be successful if you can get right-ish and avoid those bad short-term moves.

And keep in mind: for these people, the value of trading may actually be greater than the gains when you reinvest!

So, there you have it:

A simple answer to your questions and a simple strategy for making money the long-term!

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