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The next generation of the X-Men has been built from the ground up for this sequel, but some key characters’ backstories have been left out. When it comes to Magneto, there are already five comics about him. In a recent interview, writer/reporter David Lapham spoke to Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige about the X-Men universe since the departure of his predecessor, Lauren Shuler Donner, who took the reins of the franchise after the Marvel Cinematic Universe launched.

With that in mind, what were the key things Lapham wanted to know from Feige when he sat down for a brief chat about X-Men 2?

As an audience member, you may be scratching your head as to what I’m suggesting, but when you’re an insider, you know things. And with Marvel, you can see in the X-Men franchise and what it can do — and do it in an effective fashion, as long as it’s done to the best of my abilities. There are some characters that the story needs to tell more about, but those are the ones that the fans can relate to without the necessity for new information, which is a part of it in terms of keeping the story.

What about Cyclops and Jean Grey? We see them in the film, and there’s mention of them returning in the first Avengers film; but that didn’t come up in the previous interviews, and at this point there’s still not a firm release date on them. What do you think?

It was really kind of easy for me to just look at what’s coming up and that’s really what was my focus. Obviously, [co-writers] Brian Michael Bendis and Matt Fraction are fantastic storytellers, but I’m still not sure if I’m ready to be the first to say that there’s something new to tell, or if I’m the first to say that this isn’t going to be the Jean Grey I know! But obviously, there’s new stuff in the movies coming up.

Lapham also mentioned that, even if the events of New York weren’t going to have a big physical impact

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