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The short answer is that they make a lot of money short trades, even though in practice there is a lot of arbitrage happening all the time. But a more complex one is how you get rich trading bitcoin, ethereum and other alt coin trading platforms. When you have millions or even billions of dollars in your pocket, you start thinking about things like: “How am I going to make enough to start my own investment business?” or “How am I going to build the next bitcoin mining operation?”

There are a variety of ways of getting rich trading the markets, but my own method is: “I’m going to find the cheapest Bitcoin that nobody else has gotten, buy it as cheaply as possible, and then sell it to someone else. Then I’m going to set up Bitcoin derivatives that give me a commission. Then I’m going to set up some way to sell those contracts to people who are not as smart as me. And when I am finally successful, I’ll give away some of my capital because I’ve got too much capital on me.”

Bitcoin is now worth $19,000 a coin and up to 8.5 million bitcoins could be worth $1 billion if it all goes to market. You know, we all need a little more than that to get a head start when we move into the world of investing.

In order to have a future in cryptocurrency investing your best bet by far is to have money in a regulated cryptocurrency such as Ethereum. With the recent Bitcoin crash, some might argue that the currency isn’t worth as much as the value of the other currencies; but I argue it is. If you are still holding on to old school gold, it would certainly take a very long time for gold to be worth what it was worth the day it hit the ground.

In fact Gold is one of the largest asset classes that never even touched the radar screen of the Federal reserve. A study from Bank of America Merrill Lynch estimates that $1 trillion in wealth is not accounted for in the annual wealth survey, as the majority of that money is hidden away in “investment vehicles” that are not on the radar of the government.

With many digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Ether there are a number of ways to get money. As I mentioned earlier, I have a simple solution that is simple enough to understand for all levels: I will use what is called futures contracts.
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The key phrase here is “futures contracts”. Traditionally, futures contracts are the basis

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