How long does it take to learn swing trading? – Investors Underground

There is no exact formula or set of rules for swinging trader that works for everyone.

But there are some good practices to follow – one of these is keeping a consistent time frame while trading.

The point here is that if you are going to trade it only makes sense to trade within 30 minutes of an hour. This can usually be broken down down into five or so trading sessions. Then you can figure out how many weeks you spent doing actual trading hours and time.

After you finish learning your trade it is not a good idea to repeat that over and over again. If you do you are almost guaranteed to get burnt out and lose all your capital.

How do you learn how to trade with a partner?

If you are trading independently it is not a bad idea to keep in touch over a couple of days once you learn how to trade with a partner, it will teach you how to trade more efficiently and also give you some real world examples of the trading patterns in action.

If you are trading with another trader, then you will most likely want to keep in touch and do your learning by watching the other trader’s trading patterns in motion. So in that sense it is a good idea to be a bit more patient when trading with a partner.

And you should also watch out for when it might not be working out as you usually get burnt out pretty fast.
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In which situations to buy or sell?

Before you start any trading try to determine what direction you are trading and look at the chart to determine what the expected returns of that direction will be. This will be the most crucial moment of your trading day.

If a specific stock is trading well towards you on the chart it means that the expected return per share you will receive is high, it probably means the stock may be undervalued so you may want to take some of the risk and buy the stock, also that stock may be very volatile but the price is relatively stable.

As you can see this type of analysis is called a value investing strategy and it is one of the most powerful tools on the trading toolsbox.

Once you have figured out where your target is located, make a short list for that stock and then sell any shares you see that aren’t on your short list.

Of course if you see a trend you don’t want to sell just yet. I have explained this a bit in the value stock analysis section which is probably better if you are new review, taz stock trading, the complete swing trading course, warrior trading, swing trading practice