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The most common cost is medical insurance. It’s expensive, but worth it. Insurance is not as expensive as it was 30 years ago, but that doesn’t mean it’s a sure bet. It’s certainly the least expensive.

Does this mean insurance is not good investment? No. Insurance is not a good choice. It’s one of the least likely forms of investment you could make.

Can I go through pain and disability insurance? IBD sufferers do not have coverage under the VA. This could be frustrating if you had health problems that required treatment.

Do IBD patients require a VA care plan? All IBD patients are eligible for VA care at VA hospitals. They pay the same rates as all other US patients. The VA has to reimburse their costs for treating you.

What is the benefit of being covered at VA/OHSU for chronic diseases? It’s very expensive to treat patients at OHSU. The most common reasons for their visits are: pain: headache (40%), fibromyalgia (40%), neck tension (25%)

irritable bowel Syndrome (IBS) (20%), asthma (15%), autoimmune disease (5%), autoimmune disease of the joints (3%), diabetes (2%)

muscle spasm (2%), urinary/neuromuscular pain (1%), and menstrual cramps (0%) Other conditions have higher costs: surgery (3%), cancer (2%), osteoporosis (1%), and rheumatoid arthritis (0.5%) Source: OHSU website You are more likely to benefit from VA health care if: You are getting enough care. You don’t have to go as far, but you need the care. It’s the lowest cost option and you may get a better recovery. You don’t have to ask for a lot. VA patients need access to a lot. If you don’t meet the criteria, you are eligible and should be allowed to access healthcare you need. This doesn’t mean you will, but your insurance provider will do the best he can to help. Don’t give up or you will pay for it.

How does VA cover IBD pain medication? The VA covers the full cost of medication prescribed to the IBD patient, whether the patient is using the prescription or the drug being prescribed for IBD. VA policy does not cover opioid-based pain medication for long-term chronic pain. The medication is also covered if the pain is due to inflammation from IBD,

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