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How much is Google Play monthly? How much is the app store? What’s your monthly salary?

For me my job is to help people build apps. I spend my time on these tasks and make a living doing something I love to do. For some, those tasks might mean building apps — many of my work hours are spent building apps.

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The New York Yankees and the New York Mets are a match made in New York. The pair are both owned by the same organization; the two clubs have played each other 31 times. In that time, the Yankees have won 17 games and the Mets have won 11 games. That hasn’t stopped the two teams to be fierce rivals both on and off of the field.

The rivalry started early and continued well into the 1970s. The rivalry came to an extreme when the two teams first met on Sunday, September 14, 1973 in the third game of a seven-game series between the Yankees and Mets.

It began with a brawl in the sixth inning and continued with a few fireworks blasts.

The first explosion of fireworks occurred in a game against the Yankees in 1972 and lasted until the sixth inning of Game 1 of the 1972 ALCS. The game ended in a 6-5 loss for the Yankees, as Billy Williams scored two runs, including a grand slam after a stolen base by Steve Finley. Later that night, on September 15, 1972, the two teams first met in a baseball game when they played the Mets at Shea Stadium. A double by Joe Jacoby and a flyout by Jack Buck landed in the back of Joe DiMaggio’s bag while he was hitting from second base. Jacoby was struck in the head by that blow but remained in the game, scoring one run and walking once. Later in the game, Buck hit a bases loaded double and hit a home run with both hands. The Yankees were able to tie things up in the sixth.

At Fenway Park on August 25, 1972, the two teams played at least two games each. In the game, both teams scored

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