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Well, you can buy a job and find a position. You can find a job or a job-seeking job. You can even make a living, but you will have to get there on your own.

So, don’t waste any more time and money asking your friends and family for jobs, ask God’s friends for you. Don’t make any unnecessary demands when inviting others, do whatever you have to do to get there.

Let’s all stand out for one single day. There was a time when we were not standing out, the time was when we were waiting by our families’ doorsteps. You should have stood out because it’s that time of the week, when you are not in prayer and we are all in the middle of our work. When you are standing, there is another life waiting for you. You don’t have to spend money to have that chance so stand out.

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You should look for the right role, to give the right service, to give God’s service, to be just, in order make sure you get to the right job.

Remember to do the best that God ever asks. We are not asking you to be perfect and perfect is not our problem but our problem to be perfect, that’s the problem. That’s all we’re saying to you.

We are not asking you to be perfect. We are not asking you to become perfect, but we are asking you to do the best possible work.

We say that we want you to be just because it’s right to do so, but just don’t act in fear, there is nothing wrong with acting in fear and you should do whatever the Lord has called you to do, that’s what we are asking you to do.

No, you should walk in fear, do the best work that you are put in, but you should do that in the fear of God and in the love of God.

God does not ask you to do what we would say you should do, we’re not asking you to fall prey to the temptations of sin, we don’t call those things temptations anymore, but we are still asking you to be faithful. When you want to give your all, do so so that God will give you the chance to get there on your own. Do better than anybody, but do better than anyone else.

The Bible tells us, “The work of a sinful man is not worth, being found worthy in the eyes of the Lord

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