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How do you make more money than the average person? In this week’s podcast, I’ll share my views and the ways I try to beat the odds.

Episode 35:

Episode 35 of the BizMobs podcast is out – it’s a fun interview with Mark J. Leach, head of market for FXTrader and co-founder of MoneyMile Exchange.

Mark is an expert in global FX trading for FXTraders and has spent three years working in the global FX trading industry. He has had a long, productive career and has never left the industry he loves.

Mark has a keen curiosity in all the little and big concepts that go into FX trading. Like how to avoid the mistakes that people make and why the global FX market is so complex. We discuss all that in this episode.

This is a great chat you should listen to.

Listen to it HERE:

In this week’s podcast, I’ll discuss some of the most common questions traders and traders and money managers ask themselves when making their decisions about trading.

The first episode I wrote is still available from my website on this blog, here.

I recommend this podcast for:

Traders looking to understand how this business works better.

Banks looking to understand FX markets better and better.

The new novice who wants to understand this industry even better.

How this business works.

In this podcast, you’ll learn:

Why some traders are getting into FX today and why they’re probably wrong about some of the big things they’re doing.

What FX-related products and services traders should think about purchasing.

How the global FX market works.

How to win in the global FX market.

The mistakes some people make around FX trading.

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