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Yes, but you can often convince the other person. For example, you can say that you trade on the Bittrex exchange (see: ) and that you are also a trader on the Bitfinex exchange (see: ), and maybe that is enough for the other person to believe you are not a spammer.

How do I get banned from Bitfinex? Can I get banned by trading on my altcoin? That was not the question. Why? Well, the answer depends on what is considered spamming (if you are a spammer yourself). The short answer is: trading on a market that supports a certain market strategy. If this strategy is not active and therefore no one can trade at all, then that would be considered spamming. What this is really depends on the specific situation (specific altcoins, market structure, etc…). In general, trading on the major exchanges where users can trade freely is considered to be a spammy action, which is prohibited. But how does the other person know if you are not spamming? That is not really an important question. There are two different methods the other person could use to determine this; the first is to check out the current and historical volume, and the other is to go through the logs, find spamming activity, see who was doing it.

How can I track the volume of my altcoins? How can I track the volume of my altcoins? Since most altcoins (besides XEM) have not a centralized exchange, and have their own trading software (sometimes named “wallet”) that will report on the total amount of your coins transferred within the last block, you may be able to track the volume of certain altcoins. However, you may be surprised to see that the average volume for these altcoins is very low, because it is not that profitable for a full time trader to trade those altcoins (at least not profitable enough that the average trader would be able to buy that many XEM). So, if you are looking to trade an altcoin that has some relatively large volume, you should keep in mind the following facts: The average volume for a single altcoin is approximately ~3 BTC per block, and the average for all altcoins is ~0.25

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