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A “no” means they are not as likely to pick up a trade. A “yes” means it’s a very good bet to take one at these times.

Stocked stocks
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Trading stocks during the next 72 hours is the easiest. We recommend checking your stocks, so you don’t lose too much when they rise against the market.

However, the market can go sideways if you miss out on the trend.

Dollar drop trading

Dollar drop trading is the last method of day trading and it’s good for both beginners and market participants.

We suggest you use dollar drop trading when it’s a good time for you to make a small profit and your market is low on volume.

For instance, if you are short the Apple AAPL, +2.47% and only have $90 in your portfolio, then dollar drop trading could be the best alternative to make a small profit, or gain even more.

Dollar drop trading can be done at any time in the day, in the morning or in the evening.

You only need to keep your eye on your portfolio to avoid losing small amounts of money without knowing it.

A good example is if your portfolio has a small stake in the Apple and if the price of Apple rises to $100 from $50, then you are likely to make good money.

Dollar drop trading works best on shorter timeframes where we prefer to make trades right at the edge of the market. On larger timeframes we would recommend placing more weight on longer time frames since this can put greater risk on your portfolio.

Sudden price changes

Once you get more comfortable with trading, you can use sudden price changes, which are like stock market flash crashes, to see trends and make small profits.

One good example is the big drop in Apple AAPL, +2.47% during the recent week. If your portfolio only has $100 in it, then suddenly a 100% return on your money is possible even if the entire market is down to zero.

One thing to watch for is that sudden price changes are not for people who are new to trading. So if you only have $50 in your portfolio, it’s better to make long trades than to put everything at risk overnight for a gain.

Stocks in bear market

It’s possible that stocks in a bear market could dip to low levels with little help from the market itself.

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