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This was a term put forward by a number of different traders to describe the level of salaries they could make with a range of trading techniques. Although some of these names were created fairly recently – by traders before the big financial crisis – they certainly make sense now.

The term comes from a famous quote from a French writer, Albert Camus, in which he suggested that for every slave-trading worker in the West Indies, there were ten black labourers in the slave trade who were forced to work in a slave-labour camp. That is, a large amount of slaves in the West Indies were in the employ of one person; but one person was a trader. And the trader in question was said to earn $11 an hour, or $1.6 million a year. That means that there are thousands upon thousands of trading workers in the West Indies who earn salaries much, much, much larger than that – and they were all forced to do the same work as a slave-trader, in a manner identical to that done by black slave-labour camp slaves.

How can I make the most money trading?

The key to making the most money on trading is not in actually trading and trading yourself; it is trading others. Think about it: most traders are traders because they have to, and not because they love trading. The key to trading with a high earning opportunity is to identify and contact other traders who understand how to trade successfully: and you do not need to go it alone, either! A few people in the trading world understand that trade requires a balance of knowledge and understanding. They will pay their traders for trading, because they value their traders.

Finding traders who understand and apply trading fundamentals is often a tricky business, as most traders tend to be very technical and difficult to get on the trading floor with: you need to understand how trades are being made, or you will not perform very well at your current trading position. But you can work your head off in this field if you think of it as a sport. The important thing is to get yourself on the trading floor as much as possible, do some research on trading systems, do some homework first, and then you will find the balance between technical know-how and practical skill, and be ready to start trading and doing what you do best.

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