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Swing trading is actually an alternative to the conventional stock market. In general, traders choose a type of share or security that will fluctuate in price in a relatively narrow range over time to gain an expected profit. Most people trading in the stock market would be considered to be a “swing trader.” What is swing trading theory? Swing trading theory is a theory that explains the psychology of trading and what factors influence the spread. It is an important aspect to know because it explains the “why” behind the market’s volatility. When we look at the markets, it is not that one stock rises or falls because a particular market is going up and one stock falls because a particular market is going down, but each market is driven by the psychological influence of the market’s participants. Most analysts believe that traders only react when they see an unexpected movement and they do this by placing buy/sell calls, buy/hold calls, and shorting and holding a position. If their position takes off on an unexpected event, their profits can become higher. If it falls, that same trader can expect to lose money. Therefore, these traders are often called “swing traders.” Why are traders so “on edge”? When in a position, a trader puts a lot of pressure on themselves. They may be willing to place a lot of money before an event occurs. They also may be willing to make a lot of money before an event happens as well. This is called “on edgeism.” So when there is high probability of a move by someone with a large amount of money placing buy/sell calls, a trader is on edge. How to break free? In order to break loose, traders need to analyze a market to analyze why the price is dropping, what to expect if the price goes up and what to expect if the price goes down. They also need to be able to spot what is an obvious buy and what is an obvious sell on a specific stock or security. Sometimes, they may not see a lot of price action occurring in the market due to lack of liquidity or they may have missed the opportunity of a stock going up. In order to do this, they need to have an understanding of what the market wants to happen and when that likely will happen. They usually do this by examining the technical indicators within the chart and seeing if there is something going on or if they find a specific reason that may impact the value of a particular stock or security. They also need to use a trading plan of action because a poor trading plan can result in having a
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