What type of trading is most profitable? – Swing Trade Tutorial

We believe that the market is highly segmented on this. On the one hand, if I am able to get an arbitrage on the right side of the trend, and if at the same time the long-term trend remains positive and I am not concerned about a small-change of volatility I can profit by buying short positions on the right side of the trend.

On the other hand, if I am concerned only about the big-change I can not profit from buying short positions. I can profit only on the opposite side of the trend. So I would think more that, if I am not concerned at all about the small-change I can easily profit on the opposite side, where there are still only a few short positions, where the price is not moving rapidly towards the trend (i.e. my risk of loss on a large-change is small).

Is it possible to profit by buying only short positions with a positive trend?

Short positions would be very complicated. Even if they could trade, short sellers can always attack the market: we cannot guarantee that the short sellers do not have a large capital and so they can take advantage of the price swings. Also, some short sellers do not even know about their short positions: they try to short and try again.

It seems that most of the short-sellers try to get short positions with the right side of the trend where the price is moving rapidly towards a very strong trend, and it seems that there is hardly any trading with the opposite side of the trend. So, there would be very little profit to be made by only buying short positions with weak or positive trend.

This is not a complete answer. I would like to know from you if you consider that the opposite side of the trend of a trading strategy can be considered a good place for long positions?

How to make money in crypto?

From your research, I could not find any strategy with a good profit on long positions.

How to profit on short positions?

What other strategy can I use?

What strategies does Coinbase offer?

What is the market rate of profit for long positions?

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