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The last time I wrote about the first-person survival horror game, Dead Space, I was underwhelmed by its premise. As I described Dead Space, the game follows Isaac Clarke on his second playthrough of the game’s campaign, where he discovers that the game’s plot has changed and that he and his friends are stranded on a mysterious planet. I gave the game a 5 when it premiered in February of this year but was surprised by how far I thought the premise could go. The premise was interesting enough but I wondered if the game could actually be made compelling enough to justify the expense of a sequel and whether there was even another way to play the game. I still don’t feel this way, and I think this is just what Dead Space’s fans need to hear: Dead Space is a great game and it’s the only game I played that doesn’t owe me a sequel.

When my time on the couch with Dead Space ended, the last thing I ever thought would ever happen was that I would be able to write about the game’s sequel.

I’ve talked about this before, but it bears repeating: Dead Space is an exceptionally solid FPS. Like the previous instalment in the series, Dead Space 2 is a very well-made, intense and challenging experience, but it still manages to balance a heavy focus on combat with some interesting puzzles. Its story is good as well, although I’m a little unclear on what is actually going on in all those cutscenes.

The game is a little more than a mere shooter in many ways, too. It feels like you’re playing a long-running FPS with some very clever turn-based combat mechanics and a good amount of depth. You’re almost always fighting multiple enemies at once, and because of the game’s turn-based combat, you can really put your time in and make the most of them.

In my review of Dead Space 2, I made the mistake of summarizing the game’s mechanics and story on one page; I’m not quite sure if I can do the same with Dead Space 1. I’ll let you read the entire review and check out the original to get an idea of my take on the game.

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